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Our Curriculum at Kids Connection Childcare Centers is designed to create a safe and healthy learning environment that will enhance the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of each individual child, as we help prepare your child for future academic and personal success.   Because each child grows at their own pace, we plan and tailor our daily activities to the specific needs and talents of each individual.  Kid’s Connection curriculum focuses on these key areas:


Gross Motor Skills:  The development of large muscles needed for walking, running, climbing, hopping, sitting, throwing, jumping, and ball play.


Fine Motor Skills:  The development of small hand and eye muscle skills used for writing, cutting, coloring, stringing beads, and drawing.


Language Skills:  The development of skills needed to express and receive information.


Cognitive Skills:  The development of thinking, reasoning, memory, and problem solving skills.


Social Skills:  The development of daily living skills needed to achieve physical and emotional independence, and the ability to effectively interact with others.


Behavior:  The development of self-discipline, control, and skills needed to interact positively with the child’s environment.


Seeing and Creating:  Offering children a chance to see, touch, feel, smell, or hear something new, exciting or beautiful – then create through their own efforts with paints, crayons, pencils or clay.  What children create is a look into their private world that they long to share with others.


Rhythm, Movement & Dance:  Through body movement and dance, children improve their coordination, balance, and endurance.  Movement to music leads to an ability to understand, remember, perform, and learn!  Also, dancing and moving to music is great exercise and fun!


The library and language center is fill of books and other great learning tools

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