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Kids Connection Childcare Centers

Jeffersonville • Sellersburg

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This is the complete parent handbook, outlining all Kid's Connection Childcare policies and procedures.  You will be asked to familiarize yourself with its contents and agree to its provisions in order to enroll your child into our program.




This is the basic enrollment form containing the general contact information for your child and family.  This form must be completed and submitted with the registration fee in order for your application to be processed.


This form provides us with authorization to seek medical treatment for your child, and to contact your child's physician and/or emergency contacts you designate.


This agreement covers the basic policies regarding payment of tuition fees.


This form is your consent to release your child's name and date of birth to the State of Indiana, as required by law.


This form allows your child to participate in any of the extra-curricular activities and programs offered at Kid's Connection.


This form contains your acknowledgment that your child will be monitored and recorded on video for safety and security reasons.  This is also the form where you provide permission for your child to be photographed.



Kids Connection Childcare - Jeffersonville Center

1207 Bridgeport Drive • Jeffersonville • IN • 47130
Phone: 812-280-7442  Fax: 812-280-7425


Kids Connection Childcare - Sellersburg Center

805 S. Indiana Avenue • Sellersburg • IN • 47172
Phone: 812-248-0401  Fax: 812-248-0402