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Blocks are common in the Early Preschool Program at Kid's Connection

Early Learning

Early Learning / Preschool I

At Kids Connection Childcare Centers, our Early Learning program is very unique.  This is the stage of life where children are moving from being a “dependent” toddler to a more “independent” preschooler.  Our program will prepare your child for life skills through fun and engaging activities designed to develop social emotional, and cognitive skills.  Independence skills and self-esteem are key factors in success at this stage.

The activities presented in Early Learning lay the foundation for future education.  Activities your child will enjoy in our Early Education Program include:

•  Dramatic play, block-building and creative arts with other children

•  Recognizing the needs of others

•  Role-playing

•  Finding joy in science projects with an end result

•  Learning to deal with conflict

•  Beginning to cut, paste and enhance fine motor development

•  Singing, dancing, and mimicking

In the Manipulatives and Math areas, our children work logically in both individual and group settings.  Most concepts are learned while children go about their day engaged in play.  As children begin a project they are encouraged to put closure to it as well, this instills the pre-math concept of completion.  During clean up, children are able to sort and classify as they put materials away where they belong.  During sand and water play, children are exposed to weights and measurements.  As children build with blocks they are exposed to spatial relations and gravity.  Teachers begin to ask probing questions to help children think and reason.  The pre-math concepts your child will be exposed to are as follows:

•  Group objects in categories

•  Matching and classifying

•  Completion of projects

•  Basic introduction to size and weights

•  Problem solving


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