Playing with puzzles teaches us about rasoning and logic

Building with Blocks helps us learn about:

• Balance and Symmetry

• Shape and Size

• Height and Weight

• Planning and Execution

• Measuring and Recording

• Numbers and their Relationships

• Working with Others

• Communicating Ideas

• Problem Solving Strategies

• Pride and a Sense of Accomplishment


In the Art Area, we paint, color, draw, design, plan, and create while learning about:

• Color Identification

• Space and Distance

• Texture and Dimension

• Mixing and Combining

• Creativity and Individuality

• Sharing with Others


Through Dramatic Play, we:

• Learn the roles of different people around us

• Practice everyday life skills

• Learn about cooperation and compromise

• Develop oral communication skills

• Solve real-world mathematical and language problems

• Develop observation and application skills


When we play with Manipulatives (puzzles, collections, beads, etc.) we:

• Learn to reason

• Sort and Classify and objects by size, color and shape

• Practice following directions

• Learn up from down, forward from backward, and left from right.

• Develop and Hand-Eye Coordination

• Practice problem-solving strategies

• Develop Fine Motor Skills


In the Library and Writing Center, we:

• Become familiar and comfortable with the print language

• Explore words and vibrant pictures

• Connect letters and sounds

• Connect reading and writing

• Write stories, messages, labels, charts, music, and journals

• Develop a life-long love of books


When we play Outside, we:

• Exercise our large motor skills by swinging, climbing, jumping, and running

• Learn about nature, seasons, and science concepts

• Learn and practice social skills

• Practice problem-solving skills


During our Music & Movement sessions, we are:

• Developing our listening skills

• Exploring a variety of music styles

• Creating and using our imaginations

• Practicing oral language

• Building memorization and recognition skills

• Exercising gross and fine motor skills


When we experiment with Water, we:

• Learn about pressure and force

• Develop our understanding of buoyancy

• Discover laws of conservation

• Learn about states of matter

• Develop hand-eye coordination

• Learn about distance and accuracy through pouring, dumping, & squeezing


When we play with Sand, we:

• Learn about cooperation and sharing space

• Exchange ideas and learn from others

• Explore the concepts of shape, size, texture, and space

• Develop hand-eye coordination

• Learn responsibility for cleaning up after ourselves


How We Learn at Kids Connection Childcare Centers

How We Learn

Building with blocks teaches planning and execution
In the library, we learn to read and write
Music teaches us to develop our listening skills and to appreciate different music styles
In the Kid's Connection Art area, we learn about color identification
Block Building teaches balance and symmetry
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