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In our Infant programs at Kids Connection Childcare Centers, the staff follows each child’s own individual schedule rather than a set classroom schedule.  Therefore, curriculum and schedules happen naturally and differently each day.

Every infant is on an individualized program according to his or her needs.

Staff members provide one-on-one quality attention by meeting basic needs such as feeding, diapering, attachment, napping and communication, and also join the child to explore and experience the environment.

The following areas of development are enhanced in our program.  We encourage children to learn and meet milestones at their own pace in the following areas:

•  Physical Development

•  Social Development

•  Language Development

•  Cognitive Development

•  Emotional Development

Some examples of the activities you will see are:

•  Buggy rides

•  Music and movement

•  Cause and effect toys

•  Singing songs and finger plays

•  Exposure to soft block building

•  Reading books

•  Receiving lots of love and attention

We foster attachment and self-esteem in a number of ways.  We involve the infant in care taking chores such as diapering by speaking with them about the process.  We invest quality time by being totally available to the infant.  In addition, we learn every child’s system of communication by making observations.  We also model to infants and give them a chance to solve their own problems.


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