The Kids Connection Advantage

The Kids Connection Advantage

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At Kids Connection Childcare Centers, we know that finding the perfect child care for your child isn't a decision that can be made overnight.  There are many factors that go into choosing who will take care of your child and where your child will stay while you are at work. There are quite a few differences between in-home daycare and full-featured child care centers such as Kid’s Connection that you should carefully consider.  We have listed a few of our advantages below:



At Kid’s Connection, we have more children, more teachers, much larger spaces, and more structured activities for your child.



Being CDA Certified, our lead teachers have formal child care training to better provide early childhood education.  This means your child will benefit from classroom oriented lessons while at Kid’s Connection.  This will accelerate your child's education and help them transition into the classroom setting more easily.  In fact, studies show that most elementary school teachers heavily prefer children from child care centers as opposed to home-based daycares.



Our Child Care Centers are safe and secure.  Outside doors are kept locked and can only be opened from the inside or by integrated security control system access panels.  All rooms are monitored and recorded at all times with state-of-the-art digital recording equipment.  Not only do we monitor all rooms live, we can quickly and easily search and review all activity that took place in any part of our facility for the previous 2-week period.  We also routinely practice storm, fire, and lockdown drills, and regularly have law-enforcement and first responders come to our facilities and talk to the children about issues such as fire prevention, stranger danger, safety, and drugs.


Social Development

At Kid’s Connection, there will be many more children with whom your child can interact with and practice social skills.  Also, your child will placed with, and kept with, other children of the same age group, as opposed to the wide array of ages that are often mixed in a home-based environment.



Many home-based day cares are left with no option but to close if the provider is sick or other issues arise, leaving you to unexpectedly find some other care for your child that day or calling in at work so you have someone to watch your child.  At Kid’s Connection, we are always open during regularly scheduled hours.  We have several well-qualified providers to care for your child, so we don’t close due to illness or other unforseen circumstances.


Kids Connection Childcare - Jeffersonville Center

1207 Bridgeport Drive • Jeffersonville • IN • 47130
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805 S. Indiana Avenue • Sellersburg • IN • 47172
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