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The Kids Connection Childcare Centers Pre-K plan will prepare your child for Kindergarten by further expanding upon the developmental aspects of their individual growth.  Our programs offer various learning activities where children are exposed to social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills.  We prepare children for Kindergarten by exposing them to academics while continuing to focus on self-esteem and independence skills through our enrichment activities.


Your child will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in exploration with our wide range of science materials and projects.  They may participate individually or in small groups in the following types of explorations:

•  Space and the solar system

•  The four seasons

•  Plant growth and cycles

•  Magnets and their properties

•  Observing life cycle projects

•  Creating experiments with predictions and conclusions

Arts and Dramatic Play

In the art and dramatic play areas children can express themselves in a number of ways.  They have the ability to use a variety of materials and work alone or with a friend.  They can work on processes or create a product.  They can participate in the following:

• Drawing, coloring, and use of stencils

•  Painting, collaging and claywork

•  Creating long-term projects such as plays and other performing arts

•  Photography and film

•  Creating skits

•  Expressing their ideas and acting out their thoughts

Physical Development

As in all of our programs, your child will also have many opportunities to continue physical development with our large variety of indoor and outdoor equipment.  Your children will enjoy activities like:

•  Group sports such as kick ball and dodge ball

•  Small motor activities such as playdough, lacing and weaving

•  Seeding and harvesting

•  Hand/Eye coordination activities

•  Woodworking

•  Music and movement activities



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