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Preschool II

Preschool II

Our Preschool curriculum at Kids Connection Childcare Centers is designed to prepare your child for life skills by introducing children to learning centers that encompass a wide range of activities.  Children will be introduced to math, language, reading, social and physical skills in a creative manner.  In addition, we will continue to work with children on their self-esteem and independence skills.


Our Science Area is an important component in the Preschool curriculum.  Children thrive in a hands-on environment where they are able to use their senses to learn about their world.  Some of the activities in these programs include:

•  Engaging in science activities and making predictions

•  Conducting simple experiments

•  Problem solving with other children and adults

•  Observe life cycles

•  Introduction to geography


Preschool children have a genuine desire to participate in creative arts and dramatic play.  At this stage, children are able to focus on the process of art, which allows them to enhance their fine motor skills.  Creative arts and dramatic play are important components in socialization and self-expression.  Some of these activities include:

•  Creating long-term projects with teachers and peers

•  Drawing, cutting and other fine motor activities

•  Singing, dancing, mimicking and other expressive activities

•  Participation in dramatic play, role playing and creative arts with other children

 Physical Development

Your child will also have wonderful opportunities to develop physically.  We have a large variety of indoor and outdoor equipment that enhance physical development throughout the day.  You will see children participating in the following activities:

•  Group activities such as obstacle courses, music and movement and various exercise activities

•  Small motor activities such as playdough, digging and constructing

•  Planting and gardening

•  Hand/Eye coordination activities such as throwing,  catching, and kicking balls

•  Large motor activities such as bike riding, obstacle courses and dancing



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