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Math is one of the many subjects our school age children work on at Kid's Connection

School- Age


At Kids Connection Childcare Centers, our School-Age programs will encourage continued development of skills, knowledge and concepts for continued success in school and the world.  We focus on social development and skills while creating a partnership with parents and schools to assist with homework and offer children a safe and enjoyable extension of their day.  Our programs promote growth and development in a variety of ways.

Creative Arts

In the creative arts area, children can express themselves in a number of ways.  They have the ability to use a variety of materials and work alone or with a friend.  They can work on processes, create a product, or work on long-term projects.  They may participate in the following:

•  Drawing, coloring and use of stencils

•  Painting, collage and clay work

• Creating and participating in long term projects such as plays and other performing arts

•  Photography and film

•  Creating skits

•  Expressing ideas and acting out thoughts

•  Role playing and problem solving

Math and Manipulatives

Here, your child will be provided with opportunities to use computer software that will reinforce math concepts.  In addition, they will continue to use manipulatives (puzzles, blocks, , beads, etc.)   Questions the teacher poses will provoke children to think, reason and experiment with math concepts. The math concepts your child may participate in are as follows:

•  Problem solving

•  Graphing

•  Age appropriate math operations (+, -, x, ÷)

•  Weights and Measurement

Reading and Language

Our School-Age Programs offer a variety of age-appropriate reading materials and computer software to encourage continued development of reading skills.  We provide language and reading opportunities through a print-rich environment, a broad library of books, and wide range of writing materials.  The language and reading concepts your child may participate in include:

•  Reading during group time

•  Sharing library books

•  Daily homework (if required)

•  Reading alone, with peers or with a teacher

•  Phonics

•  Using writing to enhance other activities

•  Reading and using a script to participate in performances

Physical Development

As in all programs, we feel that our school-age children need ample opportunities for exercise and physical development.  You may see children participating in fun and healthy activities like:

•  Group sports such as kickball, dodge-ball and basketball

•  Small motor activities such as clay, sewing and macramé

•  Caring for plants and pets

Social Development

Social Development continues to be a priority for School-Age children at Kid's Connection.  Skills we focus on at this level are as follows:

•  Problem solving with peers and adults

•  Communication with peers and adults

•  Self-confidence

•  Critical thinking skills for problem solving

•  Attention and pride in homework and other projects

•  Participation in group projects and performances



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